Modernizing’s Retouching Portfolio


Kathleen Loski was so busy with all the retouching work coming her way, she hadn’t updated her website in a while.

Kathleen Loski's Site Before

“…that’s bullshit”


We started by sitting down one on one for an audit of, to identify all her current frustrations. Then we researched how other premier retouchers were showing off their work. What can we emulate/improve upon?

From that discovery, we made a shopping list for what she wanted  (clean, big images, clear categories etc). We churned through a whole bunch of themes together and talked through what pieces of those themes were “fixable”, to make it work for her.

Once a theme was chosen, we sat down again and went through migrating all her work onto the new site. Finally, to keep her maintenance costs low, we taught her how to update the site in the future.

Kathleen Loski's Site After


A modern site that better showcases Kathleen’s skills and attention to detail.