Kurtis helped me maximize each page’s ‘punch’. He took the time to sit down and discuss what visuals/examples would be most effective to get readers interested in knowing more about my projects.

I loved that he sent me some notes on our session afterwards, in case I missed something. Kurtis’ honest feedback is exactly what I needed.

 – Bella Margolles, UX Designer, bellamargolles.com

I’m so happy with the results of my website refresh.

Kurtis was great at taking the time to explaining my options and why we were doing things the way we were doing them. He also took the time to explain how everything works, now I can update everything myself.

If you’ve got a problem, Kurtis is your guy.

Kathleen Loski, Owner, kathleenloski.com

Kurtis was thorough and took the time to absorb a large volume of information to understand my company before jumping in and changing things.

I was impressed with his ability to identify pain points and make suggestions for both large and small adjustments. From business growth to individual customer needs, his suggestions were insightful and actionable.

I would absolutely recommend him and look forward to working with him in the future!

Avery Swartz, Founder & CEO, camptech.ca

“Kurtis is a witty, passionate professional who exacts precision at every level of detail of his work. He is an excellent Project Manager who as the foresight to anticipate and proactively make suggestions, keeping him one step ahead always. I would highly recommend him for any project, particularly large complex photo shoots, as he is such a delight to work with.”

 – Tinu Mathur, President, vrxstudios.com

“I’ve worked with Kurtis on a few different projects – to give the standard blurb of him being conscientious, dedicated and trustworthy would be a gross understatement. He learns, he questions and he improves on what you already have.

If you’re looking for a warm body to punch numbers and follow process 9-5, he’s not your guy. He’d still do a great job, but you’d be wasting his talents and leaving him unmotivated.

If you’re looking for someone who relishes seemingly insurmountable challenges, someone who seeks to understand then drive improvement, and someone who does all this and makes it all feel like a good time in the process, then Kurtis is your man.

If you’re reading this and want to chat more, feel free to drop me a note or give me a call.”

Kev Holloway, Partner, adamandkev.com

“…I was always impressed by his resourcefulness and commitment to completing the task, often beyond the realm of the position’s expectations. He was good at engaging stakeholders in the community comprised of businesses, residents and even CMHC staff.

I believe Kurtis would make a great asset to any team and am confident he will be able to enhance any project with his involvement.”

Nathan Pope, Integrated Graffiti Management, vancouver.ca